Become a Volunteer

Inspire Buturi Children to learn about the environment they live in: Whether you are looking to become a full – time, part – time, or temporary volunteer, or use your skills post retirement, Buturi Project would like to hear from you. Register your interest here to be informed as we always have opportunities available. We welcome volunteers from both Europe and the United States. To learn more about our programs click here Divide page in two: One side Volunteer Sign up, left side UK, right side US. Rest of right side is for advertising.

These are our Volunteering Opportunities

Buturi Project is looking to partner with schools and teacher training colleges. Are a teacher and would like to experience teaching with a difference in a rural community school in Tanzania? Buturi School Academy is in need of Teacher support in literacy, numeracy, lesson preparation, or could you help with our teacher training support in Buturi? If you are willing and able to travel to Buturi in rural Tanzania and have the adventure of a lifetime then please get in touch.

This position is available in both the UK, US and Tanzania. Join our small team of fund raisers either in Devon, in your own local community, or if you feel creative in writing and want to use your skills, please join us either in the UK, US or Tanzania, as we need help with writing Grant Proposals. With your energy and enthusiasm you can really make a difference to our team and at the same make life changing differences to the community we serve.


We are looking for a volunteer to support our office team for 2 to 4 hours a week. The job involves light administration, social media updates, updating/maintaining our website, help with our online fund raising. This will be a rewarding a role and your time and experience will make a huge difference to our work and be greatly appreciated.

This position is available both in the UK and Tanzania. You will need able to assist the manager in the office in various ways by answering phone calls, responding to emails, photocopying, scheduling meetings and any other office activities as required. We require someone with a good typing speed who has had experience either as a receptionist or an office clerk and has experience using a computer. Also required are strong writing skills and good oral skills as you will be meeting members of the public and need to have good interpersonal skills in the office as well. If you are interested please send us an email:

As a generation of Active Global Citizens living in a global world, it is important that education reflects this. The Buturi Project is in a unique position to facilitate school trips, gap year adventures, intern-ships in UK or Tanzania, practical experiences in the field like case studies, research projects, feasibility studies, business studies, cultural exchange, school expeditions, geography or history, conservation, marine biology or if you just want to enjoy Tanzania’s bio-diversity and go on safari.