Completion of Makongoro Village Water Bore Hole

We are proud to announce that the village of Makangoro water bore hole was completed in 2010, following the UN calling in 2008 for clean water. After our huge fund raising effort the bore hole was sunk. Fresh drinking water is now easily accessible by the villagers, thanks to your generosity, that of the business community and of all the other people who helped us in this project. Buturi Project’s founder, Judith Smith, would like to pay tribute to the Devon community,Team Buturi, the Trustees, the Volunteers, Lions club Sidmouth for stewarding one of our concerts.

A Taste of Tanzania Charity Gala. Which was our first major fund raising event, took place at Sidmouth Chambers, Knowle, East Devon. A huge thank you to all my friends for coming together and, having fun cooking African food for this event which was a full sit down meal and a black tie occasion. Thank you to all community members and businesses for buying the tickets and supporting this, my first major fund raising event.Many thanks also to Sidmouth College Head Teacher Jamie Roberts and Mr. Chris Woodward and the Students of Post 16 for their service.

Thanks also to Alicia Smith and her colleagues from Post 16 of Collaton Grammar School for their service at the Gala event. A special thanks to Tanya Smith from Exmouth Community College for her service joining all the Post 16 at the Gala event. Special thanks go to the communities of Sidmouth and Exmouth. This project has been a truly remarkable achievement, not only for its gift of water but also as a demonstration of the amazing heart of Devon’s people. Thank you to all individuals who were involved in fundraising for this project.

Phase 2 of our fund raising: This was a huge collaboration with schools in East Devon in the name of the campaign for clean water for Buturi village, and it followed on from a very successful charity gala. All the schools and colleges came together to produce a special production of “The Lion King”. Each school had a different scene to play and they all had to make their own masks, which they really enjoyed doing. All the schools rehearsed independently, only coming together 30 minutes before the performance began. This showed the kindred spirit they all had in the name of art and drama.

A huge thank you goes out to all the children and teachers for their hard work in making ‘Jambo Tanzania’ such a memorable event. In total, they raised for us just over £14,800.But a special tribute goes out to the following individuals who played a vital role in supporting the Buturi Water Project 2008. We are continuing our fund raising efforts to provide clean water for the remaining villages in the community. If you want to learn more or would like to support our water development program, or donate towards the next water bore-hole, please click here to find out more. Thank you for rocking it guys!

Also, a massive thank you to all individuals in East Devon who supported the ‘Jambo Tanzania’ concert held in December 2008.

In particular, we would like to pay tribute to:

  • Sidmouth Herald: Diana Bowerman: News Editor
  • Sidmouth View: Huw Hennessy: Reporter
  • Local Business owner: Deidre Dee
  • Everyone from Team Buturi Project
  • Exmouth Town Mayor: Joe Whipps
  • Budleigh Salterton Town Mayor: Chris Kitson
  • Exeter Southwest Water
  • South-Staffs-Water: (Rod Bloodworth)
  • Goviers of Sidmouth: Alan Morgenroth
  • Potburys of Sidmouth: Michael Lee
  • Sidmouth West Cliff Hotel: Ken Cumming
  • Sidmouth Royal York Hotel: Sarah Hook and Family
  • Nicola Skudder: Graphic Designer
  • Sidmouth Mocha Restaurant: Nigel, Graham and family
  • Sidmouth Gift Shop: Alan and Joyce.
  • Sidmouth Paragon books (Mark Chapman)
  • Sidmouth homes Giftshop (Alan & Pat Parish)
  • Sidmouth Elizabeth Hotel (Mark & Jo Seward)
  • Sidmouth: Councillors (Mr & Mrs) Ann & Graham Liverton
  • Sidmouth Town Council Chairman: Tom Cox
  • Hampshire/Southampton Grosvenor vat Consulants (Mike Payne)
  • Rob Howells – Sidmouth College.
  • Mr. & Mrs. Joan Bennett – Sidmouth.
  • Mr. & Mrs. Barbara Wooster – Sidmouth.
  • Mr. David Beasley-Exmouth Herald Reporter
  • Mr. & Mrs. Ian & Thi Orford – Sidmouth
  • Ruth Gray & Family – Sidmouth
  • Mr & Mrs Karen and Mark Hoole – Sidmouth

Special tribute goes to all the schools who participated, for all their hard work and enthusiasm.

  • Sidmouth Community College: Jeremy Robert (Head Master)
  • Sidmouth Community College: Sue Hurley (Head of Six Forms)
  • Sidmouth Community College: Chris Woodward (Rural Diversity)
  • Sidmouth Community College: Angela Davies (Drama)
  • Sidmouth Community College: Rob Howells (English Teacher)
  • Sidmouth Community College: Mary Hext
  • Sidbury C of E Primary School: (Head Teacher) and Team
  • Otterton C of E Primary School: Mrs Carron Saunders (Head Teacher) and Team.
  • Sidmouth All Saints Infants School: Vivian Craig (Head Teacher) and Team
  • Sidmouth Infants School: Mrs. William (Head Teacher) and Team.
  • Sidmouth St Joseph’s Primary School: Mr. Montgomery (Head of Music)
  • Exmouth Community College: Mrs. Judy Shankster-Jones (Head of Music)
  • Exmouth Withycombe Raleigh Primary School: Gill Chalkier (Head of Music)
  • Exmouth Marpool Primary School: Rachel Pattison (Head Teacher) and Team
  • Exmouth St Peter’s Primary School: Mr. Vincent McClosky (Head Teacher)
  • Exmouth St Peters Primary School: Mr. Roberts (Music Teacher.)
  • Exmouth Southwest Ballet Arts: Ms R Fairweather (And All the Dancers)
  • Exmouth Stagecoach Performing Arts: Sue Marston and the production team.

A huge thank you to all the mothers, fathers, grandparents, aunties and uncles and everyone else who bought a ticket.