Energy and Power

The cost of fossil fuels keeps rising, whereas the Sun will always be there: Buturi School Academy – and the wider community of Buturi – can only benefit from the installation of a system of low-tech/alternative technology. The Sun rises from 6am and remains, often unrestricted by cloud, until at least 6pm. This means there is much already available power to be harnessed for low-tech-alternative energy to be produced. Gains in each case will be wide and various. Installing a solar panel on the roof will secure a low cost infrastructure to generate power leaving a significantly reduced carbon footprint. The lighting system will allow for extracurricular activities, including evening workshops in vocational training for Buturi’s adults, with art and sports-related classes for the schoolchildren. It will establish I.T. connectivity by powering their laptop computers.

This will give the children and community at large the chance to link-up with other educational communities both here and abroad, increasing the scope of their knowledge and future employability prospects. We are appealing for corporate sponsors with an ethical dimension, sympathetic to our goals, to step forward and partner with us in setting-up this exciting and rewarding sustainable program. Please help the people of Buturi gain a renewable power supply.

Solar energy could also help to irrigate our school garden. A solar panel can power an electric motor, which in turn powers and underground water pump.  This pump will draw clean, fresh water every day for the children at the school. All this fresh water is stored in a water tank. This tank is then connected to a water pump. The water is then pumped around the school by a system of pipes and accessible by tap. Its installation will ensure school children will be able to access fresh clean water on-site, which will also regularly be channelled through a rain-harvest system to feed the much-needed vegetable crop of Buturi School Academy’s school-run garden.