Exmouth Community College

The Buturi Project Partners With Post-16 Exmouth College: We are impressed with the commitment the students have shown toward the concerns of The Buturi Project, including on Health and Education. They are shocked to hear that Buturi’s children don’t enjoy even one meal per day. For this reason, they wanted to do something about it. They are raising funds to help us build a school kitchen to allow them to have a regular daily meal in a healthier environment in which to prepare the food. This is a big commitment but the level of commitment the Post-16 students have already shown is inspiring.

They now need local support to help them deliver on their endeavour. To make this happen we are now looking for Devon-based building companies and contractors to offer what practical help they can. This could be in bricklaying, brick-making, masonry, plastering, roof or floor-laying. You may also like to sponsor or partner with our Post-16 students from Exmouth Community College to help them achieve their goals. So, if you would like to get involved, please get in touch at enquiries@buturi-project.org or contact the Head of Post-16 at Exmouth Community College. Or to support us go to https://www.gofundme.com/buturiproject