Exmouth Festival 22nd-28th May 2015


Festival season kicked off for Buturi at the Exmouth Festival this year!

The weather was spectacular, the atmosphere was excellent with a backdrop of fantastic local music – it was especially nice to see our young local talent being showcased; two artists in particular are friends of Buturi.

The Buturi Project were present for the duration, in partnership with Transition Town Exmouth who were raising awareness of the global carbon footprint in the form of an entertaining ‘Electric Quiz’ for children and adults alike to challenge themselves with. The public were encouraged to investigate answers from information provided and become more aware of energy issues across the world.

For Exmouth, the comparison with Buturi is interesting as the village have no electricity and no commercial development, so almost NO carbon footprint; everything is produced manually and so the differences in day to day life is massive.

A special thank you to Exmouth town council for organising the Festival and giving the Buturi Project the opportunity to showcase our work and raise our profile.