Buturi School Academy’s children live in a remote, poverty-stricken area of Tanzania, leaving them unable to either access or sustain a regular diet. They often walk to and from school with empty bellies in drought conditions for several miles. This leaves them with little or no energy on arrival to concentrate upon their class.

Our overall objective is for Buturi’s school and community to have access to higher quality, home-grown produce in an organic and self-sustaining environment, ensuring future food security and nutrition.

The school building and an underground holding tank will be used to collect water for sanitation, hygiene, drinking water and to irrigate the school-run garden.

A school-run garden will help Buturi’s children learn about how to source seed and select, plant and grow fruit and vegetables, targeting grassroots education. Harvesting will then be an important, practical and enjoyable part of Buturi’s school curriculum. Fresh, easily accessible produce will significantly improve Buturi children’s ability to concentrate. It will also be a practical source of knowledge gained by the children introducing and harvesting seed.

We are in the early stages of developing the school-run garden.