AIDS, Malaria, General Healthcare and Family Planning:

The leading cause of death in children who survive the neo-natal period is malaria. Other leading causes of death in under 5’s is pneumonia and diarrhoea. The HIV/AIDS epidemic is a significant problem in Tanzania – Buturi is no exception. The prevalence of HIV has declined amongst pregnant women attending ante-natal clinics. For the men there is more work to be done, with workshops of medical enhancement training for basic care and support.

Jennifer Amuma Oluoch from Buturi has recently been appointed the rural representative working closely with Africare within the district. We are certain that her contribution will make a significant difference to the community.

We are raising funds to set up a clinic and a portable dispensary so that Jennifer and local doctors can reach more people in rural areas. Most of these children are orphans who are living with their grandparents as an umbrella.

Food supply is not good, only consisting of a bare minimum staple diet, and malnutrition is a huge problem in this area – we are campaigning for these children to have one good nutritious meal a day at the school.

A case study of the issues facing the Buturi community was carried out by Sally Douglas (expertise in midwifery- from Exmouth, Devon) and Anna Kolodziej (Doctors Worldwide, Nairobi). Access to this case study is available on request. To request access or for more information please email us: