Running a School Garden

SchoolGardendiagAs you can see the Buturi area is very fertile, especially during the rainy season but there is no irrigation system in place for commercial farming; the Buturi people currently depend solely on rainfall for their farming methods which essentially means that during the dry season, nothing gets harvested. The School Garden, combined with the borehole, rainwater collection and new Permaculture methods including water irrigation will mean that they can farm on a larger scale, all year round not only for their own consumption but also as a source of income through selling surplus crops and vegetables. Global Resource Alliance have kindly agreed to assist the Buturi Project in designing and setting up the School Garden in Buturi, using their own researched Permaculture system.

The Buturi Project will be following the UN Protocol for running a School Garden; this system has already been proven globally and can be successfully implemented anywhere.

We are appealing for funds to help Buturi Academy irrigate its land for the School Garden. Could you donate for pipes, sprinklers, tools and seeds?