School Building Frameworks

A huge thank you goes out to Malcolm Gigg and ARA Architects for their generosity. Upon visiting the village of Buturi, Tanzania, carrying out valuable research into the resources and materials available for building, he then looked at the site of the school and met the people in the community who were going to be involved in the construction of the building. Having the opportunity to meet the Buturi community, especially mothers and the elders, interacting with them and finding out what kind of school building they visualised having and how they would use it. Finding out the needs of the community through conversation with the people from the villages he was able to establish that what they visualised was a Centre of Excellence. One that could serve as a School and a Community Centre. Buturi Project expresses sincere gratitude to Mr. Gigg for his valuable time, money and for all his consultation work. Mr. Gigg still an remains important part of Team Buturi especially with capacity building. Malcolm Gigg in Buturi.

As a small charity we were very privileged and honoured to have Mike Rose onboard for the next phase. Mr. Rose owns his own building company, and as a small independent businessman, we owe him much gratitude for his time, money and consultation work. Mr Rose travelled to Tanzania, and worked with local community in Buturi to lay the foundations of the School. The work lasted for 14 days and was very intense with each day lasting many hours, and in extreme heat. Mr. Rose we salute you for your professionalism and hard work, without which we would have no School Building. Mike Rose in Buturi.

A hearfelt thanks to Mike Owen who at the time he was moving the children of a small local primary school in Clyst Honiton, into a brand new development in nearby Cranbrook, Exeter Airport of which he is the managing developer, heard about our story and decided to help us by making a generous contribution that enabled us to complete the first four classrooms. This allowed the Buturi children to move from having under tree lessons, into a brand new classroom. Buturi Project owes Mike Owen a debt of gratitude for his time and effort in making such a generous contribution to our cause, and allowing us to progress the School building to where it is today. He achieved all this by doing his own personal challenge, riding a bike from John O’Groats to Lands End. Mike Owen.

Toilets: The school is now fully equipped with toilets giving the children a safe, clean environment for their sanitation / wash. We have built 8 toilets at the school, 4 for girls and 4 for boys. This gives the girls the much needed privacy and enables them to attend the school without having to worry about their hygiene. The school as a whole is now more hygienic and a safer environment to work in.

Two more classrooms have been completed this year in January 2017. We are pleased to report that we have completed six classrooms to date. A huge effort for Buturi Team both in the UK and in California with the house fund raising. However our work is by no means finished, we are still fundraising the school building and looking for sponsorship. Any support, contributions or donation will be gratefully welcomed.

Our vision is to equip the school with its own library to give the students access to reading materials to improve their literacy and numeracy. Study levels would be greatly increased not only for the students, but also for the other youths in the surrounding area who currently have no access to such facilities. Here we also visualise training three local youths to become librarians, this is part of our ethos to generate jobs in the local community. We are looking to partner with a current or former librarian to help train the youths in this work.

Providing Buturi School Academy with a modern kitchen that will provide plenty of ventilation and negate the smoke build up normally associated with cooking in this region is another of our main aims. It will give the school a safe and clean environment to prepare and cook the meals for the children each day. Having this facility will allow the preparation of meals for visiting partners, school trips, volunteers and gap year students. It will also give anyone visiting the school confidence that the food is being prepared in a clean and safe environment rather than being cooked on the floor. As part of our ethos of creating jobs within the community we plan to train two local youths, or mothers to become the school chefs. Here we would be keen to partner with someone in the hospitality business, either in a restaurant or a hotel.