Student Opportunities

As a generation of Active Global Citizens living in a global world, it is important that our education reflects this. The Buturi Project is in a unique position to facilitate school trips, gap year adventures, internships in the UK or Tanzania, practical experiences in the field such as case studies, research projects, feasibility studies, business studies, cultural exchanges, school expeditions, geography or history trips, conservation, and marine biology projects.

Join our team in a variety of fantastic volunteering and research opportunities enabling you to gain first-hand experience in the international development sector.


Teaching Assistant: Assist our teachers. Volunteer in our school as a teaching assistant and gain an enriching and rewarding experience whilst building a variety of professional skills.

Health Care: As part of our mission we want to improve the quality of life of the community. We are looking for students with health care, nutrition and medical experience who are interested in carrying out both research and practical workshops in the Buturi. We are lacking nurse support in our dispensary and are seeking young professionals or students to help develop our training and services.

Permaculture Project: Join our exciting and innovative project to produce a sustainable food source for the school and local community using permaculture. We are looking for students with an interest in food science, sustainable food production and growth.

Water Development Research: After successfully introducing one borehole we are exploring multiple innovative options for other sustainable water sources. Do you have an interest in engineering and science? We are looking for talented students with great research capacities to help us establish a feasible solution to the drought crisis in Buturi. We are focusing on both short and long-term solutions. Currently we are looking at roof water harvesting systems, deep well installations, weirs and earth dams and would welcome any new ideas or proposals.

Eco Building: We are planning to create an eco tourism centre of excellence to provide hostel accommodation for our visitor programmes. We are looking for budding designers, architects and engineers or those interested in construction. Eco tourism is a growing phenomenon and is essential to the progression of the Buturi area.

Photography and Film: Are you creative and passionate about the arts? We would love to be joined by those with a budding interest in photography and film to help create some exposure on the programmes and projects that we are undergoing.

Please contact us for further information regarding opportunities.