Water Development


Our overall objective is for all Buturi’s community to have access to clean water, sanitation, hygiene and irrigation, enabling them to farm in a self-sustaining environment. This will be achieved by sinking boreholes in each of Buturi’s 6 villages, ensuring each has its own well. Target beneficiaries are Buturi’s whole community, for future self-sustainability in water / sanitation and health and on into the next generation.

We are striving to complete the remaining 5 boreholes for the remaining 5 Buturi villages. This will enable families in all the villages to grow their own crops, improve their diet and achieve a greater level of self sustainability.

With the completion of the school rain harvesting system, we are looking to create a smaller affordable model that can be introduced and installed into local communities.

We are investigating into new and innovative ways of purifying polluted water in the Rorya district through research and visibility studies. We hope to gain as much funding and support as possible in order to develop both short and long-term solutions. Currently we are looking at roof water harvesting systems, deep well installations, weirs and earth dams and would welcome any new ideas or proposals.