300 Miles for £3,000 – part 4 the final steps…

Day 22 Helford Passage to CoverackI was very grateful for my big sis joining me on this section. Ken and Percy had a beach day instead (sadly Percy is getting too ill for walks which is why we couldn’t all hike together).Despite it being grey weather wise, it was still beautiful. Made all the more […]

300 Miles for £3,000 – part 3 getting the hang of this…

Day 15 Monwell Beach to PlymouthToday was Martin Lamač‘s 38th birthday This wonderful crazy man had flown to spend it with me camping and walking Camping on the beach was brilliant (not including the impossible process of repacking the tent without an excavation sand) With our bags ready, Martin kindly took my pack and I […]

300 Miles for £3,000 – part 2 the journey continues…

Day 8 Sidmouth to ExmouthI woke realizing I’ve reached the 100 mile cumulative milestone (and nearly 5000 meters of ascent) but being honest I wasn’t feeling in a mood to celebrate. Being in Sidmouth felt strange. It was wonderful to see so how many shops from the time mum was a business owner have survived, […]

300 Miles for £3,000 – part 1 the story so far….

Day 1 – South Haven Point to SwanageThe adventure starts!!So grateful to be joined by my big brother Richard for my first few days on the path.It was supposed to rain but instead there was glorious sunshine… oh and snow. Luckily Karen, the campsite owner at California Meadows looked after us. Day 2 Swanage to […]

“300 Miles for £3,000”

I’m (nervously) excited to share I’m hiking the southern route of the South West Coast Path to fund raise for the Buturi project   Visiting Buturi with Will Smith in Oct 2019, it was so tremendously special to see the school and children learning there, realizing this had been made possible through mum AND all the people […]

October 2019’s Trip to the Village

I am Judith’s youngest son and have recently got more involved in the charity since my mother’s passing. October’s 2019 trip to Tanzania was an emotional one for me as it had a dual purpose. Breaking the news to the village and my late grandmother the news of her daughter’s passing. The trip also coupled […]