Buturi School Academy


Buturi School Academy started life under a tree, with the newly-arrived children having to sit on the hot and dusty ground. This is a typical start in life for poor children in the region, where most have no schooling at all. In such circumstances, it is usual for those who do to begin their learning from the age of 9. At Buturi School Academy they can begin at age 3! Research shows that when the children start at an early age they have more opportunities to develop and identify their own strengths. With the Academy half-built, 4 classrooms are now available for the children to move into and use.

Here we can increase effectiveness and efficiency delivering literacy and numeracy education for Buturi’s early learners. The local community will experience increased empowerment in being able to engage more fully in their children’s education. We can also more effectively monitor pupil attendance, retention, enrolment and performance on a daily basis, since the staff will then have the educational resources for holding the information. This allows them to identify their strengths and potential, to progress on to further education. The Academy will also be a centre embracing disabilities and special needs learning. This is crucial to identifying those who require extra help so as to begin a program for special needs education. Please help us continue to improve the lives of Buturi’s children.

To complete the next 4 classrooms, desks and chairs, educational resources e.g. pens, pencils, exercise books, textbooks, white-blackboard, rulers, rubbers, etc.

We have successfully moved some of the children from sitting on the hot and dusty ground outside, into the new school building. We have also completed the first 4 classrooms and 8 toilets. (4 for the boys and 4 for the girls).

To build the School and Community library, build the School canteen, purchase and install a solar panel for low-tech/alternative energy supplying power to install and deliver I.T. Connectivity.  Sport education is an approach to the teaching of PE, developing skills such as team-building and leadership in pupils, as well as enhancing self-esteem and encouraging an appreciation of the concept of fair play. We believe that Buturi youth without access to higher education would benefit greatly from this program.

Buturi’s children will benefit from greater access to a wide variety of educational resources.  Quality education will help transform both their future employment prospects and so the wider Buturi community, leading to their long-term sustainability, creating stronger societies and institutions.

Poverty will be challenged for the longer term with the crucial bottom-up approach commencing with formal and committed classes in early learning. As the children become adults, so they will gain life choices, becoming equipped with qualifications and experience necessary for them to gain paid, sustainable employment for their own families both in or out of their community.

Buturi School Academy will act as a centre for extra-curricular activities, especially for those children who are living with grandparents. The Academy will keep them occupied, offering extra help and opportunities, both in and out of regular school hours. This will engage them in much-needed, additional social interaction, while also removing a lot of the pressure from long-term care from grandparents.