Monthly Coffee Mornings

Habari! The Buturi Charity is now pleased to have loyal friends who are committed to hosting monthly coffee mornings at ‘The Merchant Restaurant’ in Exmouth. The purpose of this is to raise funds to furnish a primary classroom at the Buturi village school. Our financial goal is £2,000 for this year, which will enable the charity to have enough desks and chairs made by local carpenters. This will also go towards supporting the teacher’s salary in the village.

Fund raising events provide a nice social opportunity to introduce local people to the work of the Buturi Project Tanzania. If you would like to support us with fund raising in your area we would be pleased & welcome your ideas. For more information about how to go about this please email

It is easy to set up a coffee morning and we can provide you with Buturi Project Charity publicity materials & flyers. When you have set up a calendar forward us the details so we can publicise it on our website, and remember  to send us photographs. Let us know how much money you raise each time and we will post the information on our media pages, including our main website. If you are interested please contact us using the contact details on our webpage, where you will find information about how to pay funds in to the charity account. For Buturi fund raising support team contact Anneliese Manchester at Or meet our fund raising team here, Lynne Wright, Anneliese Manchester and Rachael MacEachern. On our Social Page you will also find suggestions for other events that you could host.

Every month we will post on our Facebook page pictures of our coffee mornings, together with   how much money we raised. One helpful hint is the choice of venue. We have been very fortunate in the arrangement we have with ‘The Merchant Restaurant’. Not only does it have a convenient central location (maximum footfall), but they have also been very generous by serving the drinks and only charging a small cover fee. This cuts down on our costs and labour, and as a result, all we have to do is provide the cakes. Plenty of opportunity to practise your baking, or come and join us and make new friends. Please check our calendar for our next coffee morning or for any other event coming up in the year. Thank you in advance.