Our Supporters

Since the charity began, we have been amazed by the generous spirit of local people, willing to support the children of Buturi, Tanzania, and its community.  Here you will find organisations and partners that have supported and continue to support Buturi Project’s activities. Our work would not have been possible without their generous contribution and input. If you’d like to learn more or get directly involved, please contact enquiries@buturi-project.org 

Here are just some of the partners and supporters who have, so far, allowed us to develop our work in Tanzania. Please accept our sincere apologies if we have forgotten to mention anyone – unfortunately, we don’t have all of the charity’s history available.

Malcolm Gigg

ARA Architecture were approached in 2010 and asked if they would be involved in designing and assisting in the construction of a new school for a village in Tanzania, Africa. We are proud to say that not only have we designed a new passive modular construction school that allows for both the heat, wind, rain, the school has been constructed with natural materials that are either found or made within the village (mud bricks) that we have also visited the site, carried out an assessment of the orientation, wind impact from the valley, sun orientation and the issues with both insects, passive ventilation and proximity to the village.

Mike Rose

As a small charity we were very privileged and honoured to have Mike Rose onboard for the next phase. Mr. Rose owns his own building company, and as a small independent businessman, we owe him much gratitude for his time, money and consultation work. Mr Rose travelled to Tanzania, and worked with the local community in Buturi to lay the foundations of the School. The work lasted for 14 days and was very intense with each day lasting many hours, and in extreme heat. Mr. Rose we salute you for your professionalism and hard work, without which we would have no School Building.

Lori Abrahamsohn

Lori Abrahamsohn has worked in management, administrative and direct service roles in a variety of small non-profit organizations for over thirty years prior to her current position as a faculty affairs administrator at Stanford University. The organisations she has worked for include a provider of services to victims of domestic violence; a faith-based community organizing agency; several organisations providing direct services to those in need; and an organisation dedicated to reducing bias and bigotry, particularly through engagement with youth. Ms. Abrahamsohn has a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and a Masters Degree in Pastoral Ministry, both from Santa Clara University. She has volunteer experience as a leader in schools, church and community. Currently she is a volunteer mediator for the City of Mountain View Neighbourhood Mediation Program. Ms Abrahamsohn was raised in Colma, California, just south of San Francisco, in a family with eight children. She is married with two young adult children.

Anneliese Manchester

I joined the Buturi team in 2017. I was drawn to volunteer for the Charity as I had spent a year in Tanzania (2012 – 2013) volunteering for a Canadian-based NGO, which is a similar grass-roots organization. It also supported a variety of projects in a collection of impoverished rural villages and I helped on their ‘Montessori Outreach Programme’. I had recently qualified as a Montessori teacher, after a variety of jobs and qualifications. I have travelled and worked abroad extensively in the past, but this experience opened up a whole new world to me. I felt fortunate, on moving to Devon, to discover the Buturi Project. I feel that my time in ‘the field’ has given me special knowledge and insight into the challenges and fascinating work that small charities face in developing countries. I have particularly enjoyed been involved in local fund-raising events here in Devon.

Naomi Garrick

In running the London Marathon in a wedding dress, Naomi raised £1,334! This money has gone towards desks and chairs for Buturi School Academy. The Buturi Project congratulates Naomi, not only for her personal achievement in being the fastest woman in a wedding dress at the London Marathon, but also for her huge generosity in fundraising for us. Well done, you!