The Buturi Project believes that every child deserves the best possible start in life and support to fulfil their potential. A child’s experience in the early years has a major impact on their future life chances. The first eight years of a child’s life are decisive for human development and successful learning. Yet statistics on early childhood in Africa are appalling. Less than 12% of African children currently have access to Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) services. Buturi’s early-learning program will focus on improving boys’ and girls’ access to education. Millions of girls living in the developing world do not have access to this basic right. Buturi is not immune. By removing the barriers of education we can help girls prepare for the future. Training girls at an early age allows them to become the community leaders of the future and also prosper in their own lives.

The Grass-roots Education Program empowers communities to serve schools and improve outcomes. Our vision is to transform the relationship all neighbourhood schools have with their surrounding community, developing a sense of shared responsibility leading to direct collective action to improve student results. Education is one of the solutions to combat poverty. Why? Most of the school-age children are orphans. The only way for them to have a chance in the future is to have education – from grass-roots to primary to secondary to further education.

To deliver equal access to quality education for all Buturi’s early learners and primary education for them to become globally competitive and active participants in the local economy and in society. We are committed to providing an education which enables every child to be proud of their learning, achievement and attainments. We pride ourselves in having a community where everyone is valued and respected. Children, parents, staff and governors to be linked together to secure continuous improvement in teaching and learning. We have a primary responsibility and strong commitment to the care, welfare and safety of each child. We will be an inclusive school, reflected in our commitment to Equal Opportunities.

We have successfully built half of the school building. We have successfully partnered with Buturi School Academy. We have successfully built 8 toilets (4 for the boys and 4 for the girls) towards achieving an improved level of sanitation and hygiene for the whole school.  We have successfully moved the children from outside, under a tree, to inside their new classroom.

We aim to have a completed school building, to include a library stocked with books and school reference materials. This is crucial when you live in a remote and deprived region without any resources for both the teachers and school children to develop their basic skills. So, we sincerely believe education is the key, but with the library as its main resource, this can only help the whole community to academically move forward. Access to education is fundamental in the fight against poverty. We welcome approaches from schools and teachers to link with Buturi School Academy.

There are various ways you can contribute to making a big difference and fund-raise to help us complete the next classroom. You could get sponsored by staging an event in your area, take part in various physical activities, such as a Fun Run or marathon. We are looking to link with a school to help fundraise and offer these children the gift of literature.

If you’d like to sponsor a child, please contact us. If you wish to sponsor a whole class, we will gladly fly your company logo over the school as a mark of our appreciation.

Become a teacher- Buturi School Academy is at the early stage of development. It’s important for it to have the right professional support and teacher-training to allow the curriculum to be carried out.

Sponsor our students- sponsor our orphanage with uniforms, books, school fees etc. to allow the children to remain in education.

Donate school resources- help Buturi School Academy become a centre of excellence by donating educational materials, such as exercise books, textbooks, pens, pencils, rulers, erasers, art and craft materials, laptop computers and a school library.

Volunteer opportunities- Looking for a worthwhile cause to make a difference? Become a teaching assistant and support Buturi’s teachers. Buturi are also looking for marketing and communication people to help develop and establish a strategy for customer relationship management, advertising, publications, recruitment, data collection and branding. Please help us unlock the potential of Buturi’s young people through education.

Facilities 100% 100%
School size 45% 100%
Materials 15% 100%
Support 10% 100%