Energy and Power


The cost of fossil fuels keeps rising, whereas the Sun will always be there: Buturi School Academy – and the wider community of Buturi – can only benefit from the installation of a system of low-tech/alternative technology. The Sun rises from 6am and remains, often unrestricted by cloud, until at least 6pm. This means there is much already available power to be harnessed for low-tech-alternative energy to be produced. Gains in each case will be wide and various. Installing a solar panel on the roof will secure a low cost infrastructure to generate power leaving a significantly reduced carbon footprint. The lighting system will allow for extracurricular activities, including evening workshops in vocational training for Buturi’s adults, with art and sports-related classes for the schoolchildren. It will establish I.T. connectivity by powering their laptop computers.

This will give the children and community at large the chance to link-up with other educational communities both here and abroad, increasing the scope of their knowledge and future life chances. I.T. connectivity also offers the chance for both the schoolchildren and community at large to use mobile phones and make a small fee by charging them up. All ensure there is no detrimental effect upon the immediate or wider environment. We are appealing for corporate sponsors with an ethical dimension, sympathetic to our goals, to step forward and partner with us in setting-up this exciting and rewarding sustainable program. We need to continue fundraising – for a complete rain-harvesting system and for a solar panel. Please help the people of Buturi gain a renewable power supply.

The villagers of Buturi are subsistence farmers and fishermen, and live in mud huts with thatched roofs all without electricity and clean water. There is no safety net provided by the state, only by the extended family, who are under pressure from extreme poverty, drought and climate change. The final problem has come with the significant loss of manpower.

Buturi has also suffered from the twin disasters of AIDS and drought. For 25 years AIDS has decimated the community, so we tend to see the very young and old with the stronger, more capable generation missing. By installing Solar Panels it will allow for the installation of computers that can be used by the whole community. Allowing training in IT by the students and youth giving them skills for future employability.

We are appealing for corporate sponsors with an ethical dimension, specialising in Renewable Energy resources, and sympathetic to our goals, to partner with us in setting-up this exciting and rewarding program. As the school is nearing completion Buturi School Academy is now in a position to benefit from utilising Low Tech/Alternative technology by installing solar panels. We now look forward to partnering with corporates, schools and universities who can help us achieve our goal of connecting Buturi School Academy to the outside world. If you cannot be sponsor you can still help by contributing to our fund raising efforts for this program.

Installing a solar panel at Buturi School Academy will enable the students to study for a longer period and allow extra curricular activities to take place. This will have huge implications on their education. Without lighting they have limited reading and studying times, so now their evening lessons will be more productive. The solar panel will also allow the installation of computers, encouraging computer training for the youth. This will lead to the students gaining computer skills, giving them a greater chance of finding a secure job in the future. Connecting to the internet will allow the linking up between Buturi School and Schools in the UK to take place. Inspiring the teachers to gain access to a world of free teaching tools and resources.

A rain collection system with a filtered water tank will ensure we can provide clean water for Buturi School Academy. Our task from here is to install the most cost-effective and efficient way to pump it for the school. A solar panel powers an electric motor – which in turn powers an underground water pump. This pump will draw clean, fresh water every day for the children at the school. All this fresh water is stored in a water tank. This tank is then connected to a water pump, the water is then pumped around the school by a system of pipes and accessible by tap.

Its installation will ensure school children will be able to access fresh clean water on-site, which will also regularly be channelled through a rain-harvest system to feed the much-needed vegetable crop of Buturi School Academy’s school-run garden. The children and families near the school will then enjoy a life free from the constant fear of water-borne diseases. Solar-powered ‘micro-grids’, as they are called, for a single establishment such as Buturi School Academy, can supply heating, cooling and pumping for irrigation. This ensures energy independence for the school’s sustainability

The quality of food in Buturi Village is poor. Since it consists of a bare minimum staple diet, malnutrition is the norm. The main consequence of this is poor physical health, triggering poor concentration on school work, which inevitably continues the cycle of unemployment. We are campaigning for these children to have two balanced, nutritious meals a day at Buturi School Academy.

To achieve this, the school-run garden will produce a higher quality and greater variety of crops, thanks to the cleaner, more regularly accessible water supply for irrigation, by way of the solar power, and enabling them to store and use their own seeds to create a nursery for continuous supply and crop rotation.

A recent study by reveals that renewable energy, particularly solar energy, is the predominant, thriving alternative technology in rural Tanzania. The widespread availability of pay-as-you-go makes it possible for small businesses to receive a power supply, otherwise unavailable and unaffordable. Access to economically efficient, self-generating power will ensure Buturi School Academy and the community can charge mobile phones and have internet access.

Meanwhile, Buturi School Academy’s school-run garden will prove its adaptability, acting as a practical template for the children’s education in health and food science right on their doorstep. This will only add to their educational well-being and business aspiration, giving the students the knowledge about food production and how to use surplus crops to generate income. Encouraging business innovation, and developing the school’s and community’s self – sustainability.