Rain Harvest System

Rain-harvest system for Buturi School Academy:- Completed: We are pleased to announce that the Rain Harvest system for Buturi School Academy is installed and completed. We would like to show our appreciation to the three civil engineering students, Matthew Sasaki, Audrey Gozali and Nathan Miyashiro from SCU engineering department, Frugal Innovation Hub, for partnering with The Buturi Project. The implementation of the rain harvesting system included  raising the funds to enable the students to travel to Tanzania and to buy materials. We were deeply impressed with their initiative and can-do attitude, as well as their concern for the children and community of Buturi. This was particularly impressive given that work on the project was happening in conjunction with their final exams.

We would also like to thank Allan Baez Morales,  Director of programmes and partnerships for the Frugal Innovation Hub, Santa Clara University School of Engineering, for his input with this project. Additionally we would like to show our appreciation to Patti Fylling for her tireless work both before, and during the student’s trip to Buturi, Tanzania. Special thanks go to our very own Lori Abrahamson, Executive Board Member and Co-Director for Buturi Project US for her hard work in paving the way and liaising with the university and the students on the project.

A rain harvesting system was desperately needed by Buturi School Academy, as water is at a premium in the area. Rain rarely falls in the area, but when it does, it is torrential, and almost all of it goes to waste. This additional supply will ensure that washing and sanitation facilities are invariably available at the school, as well as a means of irrigation for Buturi School-run garden. This last is essential, as the school-run garden provides food for the children. The nearby community will also benefit from the clean water. Our goal is expansion and installation of these systems to homes in the area that have tin roofs. This is only one part of our ongoing program to tackle the challenges of supplying clean, fresh water to Buturi community. The water development program includes sinking more boreholes, fitting rain harvest systems, water purification systems and more. This is all in line with the Global SDGs 2015-30. If you want to help Buturi Community and Rorya Distirct get access to reliable clean and fresh water then please help by donating here.

Audrey Gozali is currently a senior undergraduate student at Santa Clara University, studying civil engineering and Spanish. Audrey was born and raised in Chicago, IL, where she was thankful for her access to clean and reliable sources of water from the Great Lakes. Audrey is passionate about environmental justice and was granted the Jean Donovan Fellowship for social justice advocacy from Santa Clara University.

As a Fellow, she traveled to Buenos Aires, Argentina to design and implement a natural swimming pool at a sustainable home outside of Buenos Aires. Audrey has experience volunteering and tutoring elementary through high school students and is interested in becoming a professor in the future. She hopes to attend graduate school in the upcoming academic year to further her understanding of water resources engineering. In addition, Audrey enjoys playing the violin, traveling, reading, and baking cakes for her friends’ birthdays.

Matthew Sasaki is currently a senior undergraduate student at Santa Clara University with a major in civil engineering and a minor in environmental studies. Matthew was born and raised in Waipahu, Hawaii where he was able to nurture an appreciation for the natural environment.

Matthew has a year’s worth of experience in civil engineering and water resources design projects through various internships held in both Hawaii and California. Through these internships, Matthew has been able to develop his technical skills as well as an understanding of the impact of water in communities. Matthew hopes to continue his education and obtain his Master’s Degree in Water Resources Engineering to pursue a career in stormwater management. His ultimate goal is to provide flood protection to communities and address the current inequalities present in protection of marginalized communities.

In Matthew’s free time he enjoys cooking, baking, hiking, and having good meals and good laughs around a table.

Nathan is a senior at Santa Clara University with a major in civil engineering and a minor in environmental studies. Born in Hawaii, Nathan learned the importance of the management and conservation of resources, and particularly clean water, very early on. In addition, his experience at Santa Clara has helped him develop and grow in all aspects of life. While Nathan has enjoyed the privilege of having a stable life and receiving quality education, he also realizes that there are others who may not be as lucky.

Nathan’s volunteer experience includes working with Aiea Elementary’s Pre-Plus program, in which he took care of preschool children while their parents were away at work and also Lanakila Meals on Wheels, where he delivered prepared meals to people who do not have the means to obtain food on their own. During the holiday season, Nathan and his friends gather to catch up with each other and partake in festive activities, which includes preparing and later delivering meals to homeless shelters.