Support a teacher

 Suport a teacher £95

Suport a teacher £95

It takes only £95 per month for a qualified teacher to live in rural Tanzania. Our goal is to support qualified teachers to teach in and remain in the village. Without a proper salary there is a danger they will leave the rural areas and go to the towns. To insure and guarantee the future of the next generation of children, there needs to be in place an incentive to keep the teachers in the village schools.

The lack of support, training and adequate salary is what has lead the problems in rural education. This only serves to continue the cycle of poverty which is what we are trying to break. We here at Buturi Project are doing our bit to help support Buturi School Academy teachers.

Help us keep Patrick at Buturi School Academy and allow him to continue making a difference to the children’s education. Please show your support and choose from one of the gifts below. Then decide on how you want to donate, either a one off payment by Pay Pal or more gradual payment by Direct Debit.

Monthly Salary GIFT £95.00 / Quarterly Salary GIFT £285.00 / Yearly Salary GIFT £1,140