The Buturi Approach

In partnership with a local village community, Buturi Project pursues a natural, holistic and sustainable approach to poverty in the Lake Victoria  Mara region of Tanzania. We believe that empowering local communities through education to address pressing social, economic and environmental challenges is also the key to fighting poverty. Our programs include education, water/sanitation, permaculture & organic gardening, low tech/alternative energy, constructing a school building and library, supporting AIDS orphans, girls and women.


Access to education is fundamental in the fight against poverty. We believe that everyone has a right to basic education. Buturi’s children are in a cycle of poverty. To break that cycle will require grassroots education as the key to re-engage the community to, once again, become self-sustaining. Click here to find out more about the Buturi School Academy.

We will introduce various skills workshops in carpentry, metalwork and arts and crafts to create a small cottage industry of self-sustaining community production. We will offer technical assistance to support training in sustainable agriculture in seed-planting to drive and inspire a new community of local farmers. Click here to find out more about Buturi’s school-run garden.



Empowerment of women is crucial to inspire entrepreneurship through social enterprise by gaining skills for economic independence. We will run all-year-round workshops on trade, production, business management, time management, quality control. Click here to find out more about our work in community empowerment.

Water is essential to overcoming hunger, poverty and disease, yet, worldwide, more than one-billion people still lack access to clean, safe, drinking water and sanitation. Clean drinking water is our first priority, not only for the benefit of the health of the village but also to enhance the lives of the women and girls who spend a large portion of their day fetching and carrying water, often at long distance. Click here to find out more about our work with Buturi’s water.


Low-Tech Energy

The cost of fossil fuels keeps rising, whereas the sun will always be there. There is no infrastructure for electricity in Buturi, so solar panels will allow Buturi School Academy to move forward with their sustainable development programs. One recent development is the “solar powered internet school” that can survive harsh weather conditions and, crucially, operate where there is no electricity supply. Click here to find out more about our work with Buturi’s energy.

We work in partnership with Buturi School Academy to encourage good teaching and learning practice. The mothers will be crucial in facilitating the school-run garden and using Buturi School Academy building as a community centre of excellence, gaining and sharing knowledge with the surrounding villages in the Buturi district and beyond. Click here to find out more about our work building a new school building for Buturi.